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Amazon, Google and Ebay compliant product images including white-on-white. Catalogue photography. Exhibition imagery.

Images tailored to your needs


Do you need something specific?

We are a small company - which has its advantages when you have a particular project in mind.

Perhaps a 'one-off' for a report cover or maybe five different views of a single product replicated across an entire range?

Please get in touch using the form below and tell us what you are looking for.


Catalogue photography

When grouping products in a brochure or price list, mis-matched images from different sources can appear distinctly odd.

We'll preserve a consistent 'look' for your product collection, paying particular attention to lighting direction, angles, reflections, shadows and white space.

Standard service?

Not quite. Products need to be appropriately lit and not all products reflect light in the same way.

We quote according to what is being photographed and what type of shot is required. There is no 'retouching service' because if the picture is well executed, there should be no need to adjust it later.


Best value

With the studio built around your product, it is always advantageous for clients to group items of similar size, material and shape and send them in together.

For example, if you have a range of shoes, keeping a batch of samples to the same size and material will help to lower your costs.

Why on white?

If you have a great new product for mail order and want to test the market, sometimes it's more efficient to use an existing sales platform such as Amazon or Ebay. This especially makes sense if you're starting out and don't yet have enough product to justify investment in your own website.

Amazon and to a lesser extent Ebay, have very strict image criteria. Products are photographed to their specification because whilst they are big companies, Google is responsible for driving vast amounts of traffic their way. Google Shopping automatically removes images which do not meet Google criteria.

White products, transluscent plastics, bright metals and glass can be particularly challenging to photograph on a pure white (255/255/255) set.

'On white' is the safe option if you are looking for the maximum potential use from your product photographs. Seamless web page integration can be very attractive as with this Bottle warmer.


Price example

Single item, three views

    Pair of small paint brushes, suspended on a white reflective surface, natural reflection fading to pure white for Amazon compliance. Two additional images, for example, out of packaging and brush head close up.

    5000px square image.

    UK return shipping excluded.


Price example

Multiple similar items

    6 various pairs of similar brushes, for example, different widths, set out to the same angle and lighting style on a gloss surface with a small shadow for 'grounding'. A single photograph of each pair of brushes.

    5000px square images.

    UK return shipping excluded.


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